Voluntary Service

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For those who would like to generate their own picture of the situation in Emali, Daraja offers the possibility of a hands-on experience as a volunteer in Mt. Zion’s team. This is an opportunity to accompany our project partners during their daily routine with the self-support groups. 

Volunteers will be confronted with the following topics:

  • HIV-prevention

  • Poverty and guaranteeing one’s livelihood

  • Support for self-support, empowerment 

  • (Social) work with groups, work with women

  • Consulting, education, coaching and mentoring

  • Micro credits

As a volunteer in the CBO Mt. Zion, you are guaranteed to be under constant professional guidance of our partner. They are competent contacts due to their long experience in the field of social work with HIV-positive people and of HIV-prevention. The precise focus of the voluntary service depends on the individual volunteers, who are encouraged to integrate their own ideas and propositions.

The members of Daraja are available for and very much interested in exchange of experiences prior to and after the voluntary service in Emali. If you are interested, please feel free to contact either Gerhard Üblinger or Michaela Mitterlehner. 

Since 2010 Daraja and Mt. Zion have been acknowledged partners of the FH Linz for voluntary work abroad. Helene Lindner and Paul Wilfing, for example, supported Mt. Zion as volunteers in January and February 2011.

Volunteers 2013
Volunteers 2013