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The group was founded in 2009. In 2012 members underwent a training in chicken farming and cooking.
The group, whose name means "Hope", became stable. The meeting went well despite some difficult social and economic situations. Some members were again granted loans for further investment. They are already in the third or fourth round of allocation.
The work of Daraja and Mt. Zion in Kenya focuses on the city Emali. Superficially, Emali is a city like many others. However, due to its location Emali gains special meaning for HIV prevention. This is because it lies on the major inter-urban route of East Africa, Mombasa Road, which also crosses a street in the village from the inland to the nearby Mt. Kilimanjaro.
The only men's self-support group of Mt. Zion was not the only one to receive the second loan this year. The group's name means "love". The Group uses the literacy program intensively. This team is characterized by strong cohesion and is highly committed.
On Friday, April 27th Daraja arranged a buffet at the "Long Night of Research" at the University of Linz and successfully sold sandwiches, cakes and drinks.
In this self-help group male and female members from the village Masimba meet about 15 km outside of Emali. The group is described as particularly eager to learn. This year agricultural trainings and trainings in goat rearing were held.